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Fresh , hand harvested pinion sap from the State of New Mexico high desert forest . Pinion sap is a natural antiseptic and pain reliever, Do you have a toothache ? Exposed nerve? Cover your tooth with a piece of this pinion sap and you will feel instant relief. Pull out cactus thorns or splinters with this magical tree wound healer. Can be used as an incense, wonderful air freshener, Band-Aid and glue. Put on the bottom of your feet for shoes in the forest. Makes a wonderful fire starter too. JESSENE's donates the time harvesting in order to promote the use of our Continental Currency. Buyer pays shipping (send $10.00 USD cash to NAC:5ZK90 P3PG8, C/O 2844 E. Main St. Suite 155 ,Farmington, New Mexico 87402)

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