Health and Freedom Addendum Passed for The Hawaii county assembly Constitution

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Section 13.60 Medical Freedom was added to our Constitution on Feb 1st:

At all times, including during times of emergency, no person will be deprived of their God given right to decide for themselves what is healthy and unhealthy.

Neither will any person be deprived of the right to reject any health or medical advice. Proclamations, laws or orders based on medical or health advice shall be null, void and unenforceable.

Narratives regarding health and/or wellness will not be dictated to the people, The Hawaii county assembly may be granted responsibility for providing relevant information to the people if the people deem that service necessary.

However, under no circumstance will any person be coerced, pressured, shamed, or deprived of liberties for refusing to accept a medical or health intervention of any kind, including but not limited to treatments, vaccinations, lifestyle modifications, masks, face coverings, or medicine.

No person will be deprived the right to engage in commerce for exercising their rights under this Article. A director of Health and Safety shall be elected to ensure medical freedom rights.

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