Hawaii county assembly Ordinances

These Ordinances expand upon that has already been stated in our Hawaii county assembly Constitution and Medical Freedom Addendum (Section 13.60) stating that one’s personal health and safety will not be regulated. ” At all times, including during times of emergency, no person will be deprived of their God given right to decide for themselves what is healthy and unhealthy…”

The purpose of this section is to protect personal rights and the dignity of free people to decide for themselves on matters of health and safety. Any rights not enumerated here remain in effect and are in no way denied by the presence of this document.

Each person is responsible for their own health and safety. The Hawaii county assembly will respect the different perspectives regarding what is healthy and what is safe according to each person. 

The Hawaii county assembly will not form any official medical or health ideology. It will protect each person’s right to be informed and make decisions for their health according to their conscience. 

To identify as a doctor, healthcare worker, healer, or otherwise offer health, wellness, or medical advice or treatments based on personal knowledge and experience is a right that does not require a license and is not subject to any requirements. There will be no officially-approved or officially-sanctioned licensing or certification of doctors, healers, chiropractors, organizations, or individuals that provide advice, treatments, interventions, or any other services that relate to medicine or health. 

Whether anyone accepts or rejects any health, wellness, or medical advice is a fundamental right that’s not subject to regulation or infringement.

There will be no officially sanctioned, certified, or supported health or nutrition guidelines, advice, or recommendations. No individual(s) or group(s) of individuals will be forced to submit to any medical treatment, diet, vaccination, or intervention against their will.

The Hawaii county assembly will not collect personal medical or health records, nor will it authorize or support any private company that participates in collecting health data. No person will be deprived of their right to medical or health privacy. Under no circumstance will anyone be forced, coerced, or persuaded to participate in a health database or otherwise disclose their health or personal information.

Under no circumstance will any individual(s) or group(s) of individuals be officially identified as sick, contagious, or otherwise threatening to the health or wellbeing of others. Any person who is fearful of contagion is responsible for avoiding the danger they perceive. No person will be deprived of their liberties because their body is suspected of being sick, contagious, or otherwise threatening to any individual(s), group(s) of individuals, or the general population.

No individual over the age of 5 years will be required to receive vaccinations, immunizations, nor will they be required to submit to any medical treatment or intervention against their will. No person will be deprived of the right to work, attend school, travel, engage in commerce, or participate in public services or events on the basis of their medical or health status, suspected contagion, vaccination history, health history, or present state of sickness or disease. 

No individual under the age of 5 years will be subject to vaccination, circumcision, or any intervention or treatment that alters their DNA, RNA, biological processes, or physicality. No individual under the age of 5 years will be subject to any painful or unwanted medical or heath procedure or treatment unless it is necessary to save their life. 

No business concern will be required to accommodate sickly or disabled persons or persons not physically able to use the accommodations provided to the general public. Businesses are encouraged to make such accommodations whenever feasible, but when and how any accommodations are constructed and maintained is up to the business owner(s) sole discretion.

No business or homeowner will be required to maintain their building in a way that’s deemed safe for the public. Personal safety is a matter of personal responsibility, and each individual is personally responsible for their safety and for their decision whether to occupy the premises. 

There may be business concerns, non-profit organizations, or individuals that grade the safety of commercial premises. Still, participation in their services will be voluntary. No authority will be granted to fine, punish, shut-down, or otherwise infringe on anyone’s right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.

The Hawaii county assembly will never regulate businesses, homeowners, or individuals, “For their health or safety.”

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  1. I love this but I have a problem with the wording of “nobody over five years old will be forced to take a vaccine, it should be up to the parents until the child is grown!!!

  2. But ya if the kids hates it or has any bad reaction to it (before or after the age of five)then the parents should be educated away from the practice of poisoning their children to “protect” them.

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